This Star Wants A Cuts From His Classical Cult Movie

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Zack Snyder is renowned for his over-the-top action-packed movies. His latest achievement – his own unique “Justice League” cut – has marked a wild success in leaving the 2017 picture version. It was approved by reviewers at 71% and earned almost flawless results from over 25,000 Rotten Tomatoes reviews.

But most people may not be aware that he led and co-wrote a criminally overlooked “sucker punch” cult hit ten years ago. You don’t know what you’re missing, if you haven’t watched this movie yet.

Sucker Punch is a half wonderful journey (with an incredible music for booting) around five young ladies who are frantically attempting to escape their barbarous mental institution. It includes Emily Browning, Hudgens, Cornish Abbie, Malone Jena and Chung Jamie.

The film swings between the reality and the fantasy of the females in Spaceman-Spiff-style in their thoughts while they plan, divert, persuade and steal their way out of jail. Alas, major personalities are sacrificed along the road, but the evil guys finally grasp what is going on.

The fact that spectators are “flapped with sweetness” with an unexpectedly sour, less joyful conclusion might be part of the reason critics have misjudged and criticized the movie harshly. Some blamed the film for lack of a narrative or for sexual exploitation, although the girls in the short skirts might have distracted those reviewers too much for the real tale to be careful enough. Anyone of his admirers, who was also a part of the ensemble cast, feels this unknown gem of the picture deserves to relaunch Zack Snyder.

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Amber wants another opportunity to dance with Sucker Punch Zack Snyder.

The Hollywood Reporter has recently told Jamie Chung who portrays Amber in Sucker Punch that this is a good timed film which is due to take place on the occasion of this year’s tenth anniversary. The interview also reveals that “Sucker Punch” is one of Snyder’s greatest regrets, mostly because of the editing he had to do to make it a “commercially sustainable” PG-13 for his Warner Bros overlords.

But he showed curiosity in revisiting the picture edited by the director—a cut he has unfortunately never seen in the daylight. And who could blame him given the popularity of his “Justice League” version?

Chung has been in the entertainment world since 2003 but lately had the greatest success after she started off in the massively hit HBO Max “Lovecraft Country” as an emotionally confused kumiho.

Every scene in a hypothetical snyder cut from “Sucker Punch” would be “stretched by ten minutes…it is so enjoyable,” she said at the Hollywood reporter interview although she was “a pilot.” Although she did not have so many action sequences as her colleagues performers at “Sucker Punch” she did. Indeed, it would be great to see the goals of Snyder come alive so that fans may experience the R-rated experience he had originally imagined. But only time may tell if the desires of Snyder are ever fulfilled.

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