Thor 4: Love and Thunder Recent Updates


Based on Marvel Comics ‘The Mighty Thor’ written by Jason Aaron and artist Russel Dauterman, Thor 4: Love and Thunder’s is an emotional story directed by Waititi. The major aspects of the storyline have love and drama with the plot dwelling around a female Thor. Post Thor: The Dark World, telecasted in 2013 this would be the first big Portman’s MCU film and as per the inside information Kevin Feige who is the president of Marvel Studios shared that Waititi and Portman came to a consensus on making this together just in one meeting.

As per the initial plans, the movie is expected to see a release in 2021 on 5th November. But considering the indecisive pandemic situation across the globe where everything has to stop, the entertainment industry would be no exception. The projects have been delayed and shifted to another date. 11th February 2022 might be seen as the new release date considering the current situation.  As per the information received from the officials of the production house the movie is being worked upon and is in the last lap.

Thor 4: Love and Thunder Recent Updates

An entertaining cast of Thor 4: Love and War would consist of Natalie Portman who will return as Jane Foster to play the extraordinary role of female Thor along with Tessa Thompson who will be seen playing the character of Valkyrie, Christian Bale as a villain and Chris Hemsworth who would be the male Thor.  Scriptwriter and director Taika Waititi will be the voice of character Korg. 

What new we can expect in Thor 4 is entertainment, graphics, and sound which would be a classic work on screen. We will also get to see Valkyrie will be reconstructing Asgard and would take an interest in her people’s welfare.

It is also interesting to know that Chris Hemsworth seems lost and has absolutely no or less information about what Thor has been up to since he joined Guardians. Thor 4: Love and Thunder would be released before Guardians of the Galaxy 3 as confirmed by Gunn which seems to be a logical decision.

Sooner or later we will have it on our screens to view this excitement-filled drama. Till then stay at home and be safe.!


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