“Those rumours are true,” said John Cena, confirming the WWE return.

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John Cena is preparing to release Fast & Furious 9, which will see him debut as Dominic Toretto’s brother on the franchise.

Cena also appeared at The Suicide Squad, which already ended up with his spin-off TV series. He portrays Peacemaker.

But Cena did not forget where he came from, despite his Hollywood career moving from strength to strength. In recent times, Cena was rumoured to return to WWE in SummerSlam for a game versus Roman Reigns, perhaps in August.

When he appeared with Jimmy Fallon at The Tonight Show on Wednesday (June 23), Cena stated that he is poised to go back to WWE, although he stayed on when he returns to the ring.

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Cena said to Fallon, “Those rumours are accurate. “I certainly will go back to the WWE, and I don’t know when.” In May, when Cena shared a logo picture of the WWE on its Instagram account, fans spoke without any trademark.

Explanation of why he created the post. Cena said: “I’ve been quite nostalgic for the WWE, and I wanted just to display the logo. Some people took it as I returned [but] this is not the case immediately.

“I didn’t have my final match, and I can’t wait until my next match.” In the current comparison between filmmaker James Gunn of The Suicide Squad and Vince McMahon, President of the WWE Group, Cena may be nostalgic for the WWE.

The WWE Network or the BT Sports catches up on Raw, Smackdown, NXT and all of the main WWE activity. The WWE Network is accessible through Peacock by US viewers. We fans are surely very excited for his return back as he is a legend in his field. 

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