Tom And Jerry Movie, Who’s The Main Lead And What’s The Release Date For It


Tom and Jerry, our childhood favorites are coming back in a new movie. Don’t believe us? You can read this article and find it yourself!

Tom And Jerry Live-Action

We all grew up watching Tom and Jerry show. These two characters were significant parts of our childhood. Cartoon Network Channel was popular only because of them. However, today’s generation won’t understand the hype for this epic series. Besides, those days of 2D classic cartoon shows are seemingly gone. Kids these days prefer more live-action shows, than the old ones.

Some adults are still crazy about this cartoon and can binge watch it anytime. If you belong to that category, then we have good news for you. Tom and Jerry are returning in a new live-action film.

Just like Mowgli, The Lion King, and many other classic films, Tom and Jerry will soon get their live-action. Fans are pretty excited to witness their new forms as well. And we all know that the theaters will get packed with adults rather than 4 to 5-year-old kids. 

Tom And Jerry Movie, Who’s The Main Lead And What’s The Release Date For It

When can we expect Tom And Jerry Live-action to premiere worldwide?

We have the speculations of the possible remake of the film. Sadly, we don’t have any release date for the movie. But we can still predict the expected air date of the live-action film. Some websites are speculating that the flick will probably arrive on April 16, 2021. However, the movie was scheduled to launch this year, but it got delayed due to some reasons.

Who is the voice-over cast of the Tom and Jerry live-action film?

The cast of the forthcoming film has just been announced by the officials. The voice-over actors are Chloë Grace Moretz as Kayla, Ken Jeong as Jackie, Pallavi Sharda as Preeta, Michael Peña as Terrance, Rob Delaney as DuBros, Jordan Bolger as Cameron, and many others. Besides, the cast also includes Patsy Ferran and Colin Jost. Their characters are not disclosed yet by the creators. We will let you know if any new updates on the cast.

What is the expected plotline of Tom and Jerry’s live-action movie?

Unlike the Tom and Jerry show, the live-action will have a structured plot. Moreover, this is not the first time where creators are making a Tom and Jerry movie. Their first film premiered in 1993. Coming back to the plot, the story will center around Tom the pet Cat, and Jerry the notorious rat. They will move from their home to an extravagant New York inn. The character of Mortez is representative of the same city. He will lose his job when he fails with Jerry.

The plot of the new movie is not officially released. We are expecting that it will be filled with entertainment. Their usual fights have become a delight to the viewers. So we might see the crazy duo chasing or fighting with each other in numerous scenes. 

Tom and Jerry live-action Trailer

There are many fan-made trailers on the internet. They are completely fake. Warner Bros Entertainment hasn’t released the official trailer for the film yet. So we can expect them to launch the trailer soon.


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