Tom Holland stood reticent on Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield playing Cameos in ‘Spider-Man 3’


Tom Holland has recently revealed about his new spiderman movie and also discussed a few words about the possible name that can be given to the movie that has created a buzz.

Instagram post of Tom:

Tom posted in Instagram showing how much curious he is about the new spiderman movie revealing the title:

“Spiderman Phone Home”

Many people liked and commented on the post, some being curious and some being shocked like Zendaya, she wrote, “What the Hell!”.

Words on surety about the title:

There is no clue about the actual title of the movie but as per rumors, Fallon fluked about the cameos of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. 

Tom laughed and shook it off like there was no cameo at all and said that he doesn’t know about it at all and if the producers have hidden it from him though, it would be really surprising as he mentioned that he read the whole script from the starting to end.

Some more about the movie:

The movie is set in Atlanta and the fun fact is that Tom Holland auditioned for Spiderman in Atlanta.

You can download the movie from ‘Netflix’ and ‘Amazon Prime’ after it will get released. 

We also get to see Harry Holland as a cameo in the movie as a Dealing Shaker Kid as mentioned by Tom Holland itself. He was chosen after he played the role of a Drug dealer in the upcoming movie- “Cherry”.

What is the view of Tom?

Holland stated that he needed some knowledge related to the crime world and all, he wanted to help others that are stuck under this problem and seek help but couldn’t. 

This is the reason why he did this film and feels much more confident about people seeking help and opening up about their condition.

While Cherry was being filmed, Tom said, he had to close down 30 pounds of weight for the shooting and the Russo Brothers flipped the things on him and he again had to lose some weight and do some more shooting more than before.

He opened up his feelings about the Russo Brothers that how much affection he has for them and how he can do anything for them.

By the way, Cherry is going to be released in the theatres on February 26 and March 12 on Apple TV+. So, just stay tuned and wait for the movie to get released. 


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