Tom Holland’s accent game is beyond impressive!!

Courtesy: Looper

We all know who Tom Holland is because he plays the MCU’s most loved superhero, Peter Parker aka The Amazing Spiderman. He has become an international superstar and all the credit goes to his fine acting skills. The Spiderman character is witty and funny, which Holland played effortlessly. Though Holland is not the first Spiderman, this character was introduced by Tobey Maguire in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movie in 2002. But when Tom Holland played the role of Spiderman, since then he has won the hearts of the fans with his charm both on and off-screen.

Isn’t his American accent real?

For those who don’t know, Holland is an English actor, and he was born and brought up in the United Kingdom. His fluent American accent is one of the most surprising things about him because it is not his mother tongue. His accent is flawless and ultra-convincing to know that he is not an American. Holland says that many times whenever he meets a fan, they get shocked when he speaks in his original accent. But more shocking is that he has been working to develop his accent over the years and even maintaining a pronunciation portfolio. 

How did he start?

His career began at the early age of 12 in Billie Elliot’s the Musical. At that time he excelled in dancing .but he soon decided to move from stage to screen. 

He made his debut on the silver screen in the year 2012 in Juan Antonio Bayona’s biopic The Impossible in which he appeared as Lucas who unluckily separated from his parents in 2005. 

The film had some emotional scenes where Holland portrayed exceptional acting skills. During that time he used his original language with his original accent. After this, he worked in the BBC’s mini-series Wolf Half. His acting was appreciated and his opportunities expanded.

Courtesy: Looper

Soon after that, Holland started American accent studies to give his best performance as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War. He worked on his dialect with Rick Lipton to excel in Peter Parker’s role. 

He became an immediate favorite of fans just after his MCU’s debut. Since then he has played Spider-Man in different MCU movies as well as individual Spider-Man movies which all proved to be blockbusters. 

Now he loves to flaunt both of his British and American skills so much that he was challenged by French TV to switch between both languages at the same time.

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