Top 10 Benefits To Having A Firepit In Your Backyard!

Top 10 Benefits To Having A Firepit In Your Backyard!

A firepit is a great way to add value and beauty to your backyard. They are often the main attraction at parties, providing both warmth and comfort while being a place to enjoy good company. When having a fire pit in your backyard it is important to have safety precautions in place so that you can enjoy your fire pit for years to come.

Firepits add amazing ambiance and comfort to any outdoor setting. Firepits come in all shapes and sizes and can be found at most local retailers. They usually feature an exterior firebox that holds wood or other fire-friendly combustibles while featuring an interior fire bowl itself where fire spreads. You can get one with or without a cover (to help prevent fire sparks from flying out of the pit). Look for one that you like before placing it in your backyard, this way you do not have to worry about moving it once it is put into place.

Fire pits are great for social gatherings, they provide warmth in the fall and winter months, fire is calming, fire pit also add character to your yard.

Here are 10 benefits of having firepit in your backyard!

1. Different firepit styles-

Firepits come in all different shapes, sizes and colors! They also come in various styles such as: wood burning firepits, propane firepits and natural gas firepits.

2. Relaxing atmosphere-

Fire is a great way to help relax and unwind after a long day of work or school. Sitting around the fire with friends and family can be very enjoyable and peaceful.

3. Affordable option-

Firepots are an affordable option as opposed to building an actual fireplace inside your home if you want that indoor feel outside during those cooler months! Firepots are priced anywhere from $100-500 depending on the style/brand you chose.

4. Safety first-

Firepits are a safe option if you don’t have a fire permit or access to firewood. Gas firepots provide convenience and ease of use.

5. Create a theme-

A firepit can easily create a festive/comfortable atmosphere any time of the year! Our firepits come in many different styles that will fit into your backyard decor perfectly! If you’re looking for an excuse to break out the smokes basket again, then firepits are perfect for gatherings such as picnics, get together with friends, family barbecues and more! The firepit and firepit cover¬†pictured here is from our popular Blackstone firepot collection. It comes in black and features realistic lava rock inserts which provides warmth and fire ambiance.

6. Round firepits are gaining popularity-

Round firepots are becoming very popular lately. They’re great for circle settings and come with glass doors to keep the fire enclosed which ensures safety! The round firepit pictured here is part of our unique Western Collection firepot series. It features an old west comfort/style that has become quite popular today among homeowners, especially in the Southwestern states such as Arizona and Texas!

7. Outdoor Kitchen accessory-

With a firepot you can say goodbye to your outdoor kitchen appliances because why not have a fire!? Cooking over a fire is always more fun and tastes better too! Check out this link if you want to learn how to make traditional campfire nachos.

8. Variety firepit style options-

Firepits can come in many different styles and colors to match your backyard decor perfectly! Some firepot styles available at Artistic include: fire bowls, firepots, fire pits, fire rings and fire tables. The firepit pictured here is from our popular Fireglo Collection. It also features lava rock housing for that traditional look and feel!

9. Portable-

Many of our firepots can be taken anywhere with ease. They’re lightweight and the legs fold up making it even more convenient to transport if you travel often or want to take it on vacation with you anywhere you go! We offer free shipping on all orders within the 48 contiguous United States!

10. Low firepit fire danger-

The firepits we sell here at Artistic Pools and Spas are designed as a safe option as opposed to firewood as they provide little fire danger because they use propane or natural gas to fuel the fire. The firepot pictured here is from our popular Fireglo Collection. It also features lava rock housing for that traditional look and feel!

Now you know the top 10 benefits to having a firepit in your backyard! Don’t wait any longer to bring that warm, cozy feeling into your backyard with a firepit from your friends over at Artistic Pools and Spas!


There are many different firepit benefits that can be associated with firepits. Some firepit benefits are safety, fire ambiance, affordable option compared to building a fireplace inside the home, helps with relaxation/recreation after a long day of work or school, and much more!



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