Top 10 best Robot Movies


The wide range of advancement in science and technology will make us robots in the near future and if this is not so we will surely be surrounded by robots on all sides. Movies now-a-days are very much into using this concepts and therefore, tons of sci-fi Adventures and robot movies are being generated every year. But which ones do we choose to watch?

IMDB has made our work of choosing the best of the films a bit easier.

According to the IMDB ratings, the top 10 robot movies include, Blade Runner 2049, The Terminator filmed in 1984, Blade Runner filmed in 1982, 1927’s Metropolis, 2008’s Wall-E, Aliens of 1986, Alien of 1979, Ghost in the Shell- stand alone complex made in 2002-2003, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, and The Matrix produced in 1999.

If you are a sci-fi lover and you love dreaming, eating and waking up and living with robots. All of these films have 8+ IMDB ratings therefore these are a must watch. The Matrix is rated 8.7,  Terminator 2 has 8.5 ratings Ghost too has the same. The story are super fluid, easy to understand and fun to watch.

Thus, I would suggest you to catch up with them and then come back to us and give us your reviews about them.


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