Top 10 recast roles that turned out to be downgrades
Top 10 recast roles that turned out to be downgrades

Recast is done in order to keep the show, series or the movie going. Sometimes it is done because directors want to work with a new actor with a new script or because the actor is bored doing the same thing over and over again. 

It’s something no one can avoid. Recast at times is better than the original but that is a very rare case. Most of the time the recasting doesn’t work. It’s not the actor who is not good or something. People just can’t accept it. 

Following is the list of the 10 most disastrous recast ever done:-

  1. Andy Whitfield to Liam McIntyre for the character Spartacus. 
  2. Richard Harris to Michael Gambon for the character Albus Dumbledore. 
  3. Sean Connery to Roger Moore for the character James Bond. 

4.Tobey Maguire to Andrew Garfield for the character Spider-Man. 

  1. Edward Norton to Mark Ruffalo for the character The Incredible Hulk. 
  2. Rebecca Romijn to Jennifer Lawrence for the character Mystique. 
  3. John Wayne to Jeff Bridges for the character Rooster Cogburn. 
  4. Danny Glover to Damon Wayans for the character Roger Murtaugh. 
  5. Stephanie Nadolny to Colleen Clinkenbeard for the character Gohan. 
  6. The entire old cast to the whole new cast for The Lion King. 
The Lion King
The Lion King

Now some of this recast had to be done because the original actor had unfortunately died or had grown too old. But the major reason remains the same that is the director wanted to try something new or the director changed or simply because the actor was bored. Whatever be the reason, these recasts didn’t work out.

We are ending our news for here. See you guys soon with crux of the entertainment industry. 



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