Top 10: The Greatest Grand Parents in Action Films


When we were young, we shared an amazing bond with our grandparents, right?

Most of us will be relating to this.

Parent-hood and Grandparent-hood is an amorous journey!

There are some live action movies which very beautifully up holds this bond between grand-pas and grannies and grandchildren. Let’s have a look at these movies.

2002’s Whale Rider is the first, a simply charming and thought provoking film about family centering around Grand father and his grand daughter Pai, next is 2006’s Little Miss Sunshine, the movie is a mix of some crazy mania, sheer innocence and a very sweet bond. 1997’s The Education of Little Tree, the story about little tree who is an orphan and is taken care of by a Scottish grandfather and a wise Cherokee grandmother.

The story is about Nature, life and survival. Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory is the next followed by 2005’s In her shoes, Ulee’s Gold is a story about a widower grand father bringing up his grand daughters.

Cocoon is also a story about aliens shot at eternal life. A beautiful story, which is a must watch. 2005’s Diary of a Mad Black Woman is a story of a long-suffering wife and her bond with her grand ma. 1987’s Hope and Glory is  a film where a 10 year old boy named Billy bonds up with her slightly insane grand father George. A story is a variety of mixed up feelings. And the last of the list is Parenthood, where grand parents Marilyn and Frank become parents again to their grand children, and the great grand ma keeps smiling throughout.

If you are free, you can take up any of them and have a great time.

Happy Watching!


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