Top Gear’s Price Car: Story in a nutshell.

Top Gear is dropping popular segment this series
Top Gear is dropping popular segment this series

Imagine, one fine day, you find yourself sitting beside Chris Harris in his sports cars and going on an adventurous ride into the wilderness. Awesome! Such thrilling memories you would be making.

Fascinated already? We are certain that dream itself has its own essence of happiness and experience. Right!

Dear friends, though I could give you a moment of happiness, I have a little sad update for all of you, today.

BBC’s Top Gear has been compelled to chuck off its famous segment ‘Star in a Reasonably Priced Car’ due to the ongoing Corona Virus Pandemic.

The motor show which features Chris Harris, Andrew Freddie Flintoff and Paddy McGuinness as a team will soon hit your screens back only after making a few adaptations and adjustments related to the ongoing Pandemic. And on this front, the ‘Priced Car’ segment has been forced to be dropped. 

The team shared their feeling regarding the recent dropping of the segment but they showed acceptance to the fact, respecting the decision of the production house, pertaining to the outbreak of the global crisis. Chris also stated that, soon they will be back with the show and will also have stars joining them in the show only with the protocol related to COVID.

And so, we the viewers can only promise them to be eagerly waiting for the show holding up on all our excitement and buzz.

What do you think, my buddies?

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