Top spooky Batman stories to read this Halloween!


With Halloween just around the corner, we are all craving some good spine thrilling comics to indulge in. What is better than some crazy Batman issues? Whether it be some psychotic villain or straight up blood and gore, Batman has got it all!

Here we have curated a list of stories you can reread this Halloween to set the mood for all the spookiness yet to come

Death of the Family 

This story features Batman’s most famous villain, the Clown Prince of Crime himself. It mainly focuses on Joker’s return after his escape from Arkham Asylum. He captures everyone Batman cares about  Alfred, Nightwing, Robin, Red Robin, Red Hood, and Batgirl he threatens to take their faces off and mutilate it. This scene rightly seizes humans’ basic fear of being captured! And the gore is quite unbeatable.

Black Mirror

Other than the misleading title, this story has nothing to do with mobile phones or televisions. It follows the story of Barbara Gordon, who tampers a baby food supply company and poisons their food. The babies who eat this become killer psychopaths! It’s one of the basic motives of all animals to protect the younger ones of their species and humans are no exceptions. To see killer babies produces quite a conflicting image in our brains and makes the whole thing extremely spine-chilling.

Red rain

As the name suggests, the story involves a lot of blood spilling and bloodsucking. Here, the Prince of Darkness faces Dracula himself. At one point, he himself turns into a vampire to fight off the other vampires. It wouldn’t be a surprise even if the book starts puking blood.


Cults are always scary, mainly because of the amount of devotion the followers have to the leaders. This makes them act as if they were zombies. It’s very unsettling.  In this story, Batman himself becomes a follower! Seeing Batman be in a vulnerable position will surely make you question your own mind’s strength.

Dark Nights: Metal

This story is the ultimate horror! It is a culmination of all the versions of Batman ever to exist. Here, multiple evils of Batman are extrapolated and managed by the dark god Barbatos. One can not even speak about this story without being triggered by the memories of various incidents. If you consider yourself as one of those brave souls unfazed by regular horror comics, this one for you.

We hope you liked the stories on our list! Happy Reading!


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