Tremor’s: Shrieker Island – Burt Gummer Proclaims Presidential Candidacy in New Teaser


Tremor’s: Shrieker Island is the 7th instalment of the franchise, which is all set to release on 20th October 2020. Michael Gross is playing the main role of Burt Gummer. 

Recently Michael Gross appeared in a YouTube video as a Burt Gummer for the promotion of his upcoming movie Tremor. In the video, he had lifted a board in which it was written as “An important message from Burt Gummer”. 

Let us explore the important message further.

The important Message:

In the video, he addressed the “fellow Americans” and told that he intends to run his political party and wants to run for the presidential position. He knows that he is the complete outsider for the political party.

He considers that to hold the important role of Presidentship in the United States of America and one should be intelligent and skilled enough to stand there. In the current situation, the political parties are too opportunist and mentally challenged according to Michael. 

Burt Gummer is not much of a fan of current president Donald Trump as well as the former vice president who is running for President in 2020 Joe Biden. 

Burt Gummer shared some important messages for his upcoming movie as well. 

He was not the main character in the first instalment but he continued to take part as a Burt Gummer and things have been changed a lot. In this movie, Burt Gummer is the main character and the saviour of all.

He is shown as an extraordinary monster hunter. The movie is about the monster hunt and some part of it is a comedy as well. 

Michael Gross added in the YouTube video that Tremor Franchise’s fan considers his character as a comic role. So will they consider him as their president? 

Gross explained a certain situation with some funny examples. 

It is always good to share feelings when some see the world is not going in the right direction and someone needs to step in. Michael Gross has shown some bold moves. Fans seem to be eagerly waiting for his movie. 

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