Triangle Strategy Release Date Teased; Free Demo Available on Switch Now!!


The game is so engaging as it is based on a feudal fantasy story with pleasing retro-modern visuals which keep the player hooked to the game for hours. There is an endless list of characters with fancy names with an endless list of fantasy nations, regions, principalities and towns rolled on with some setup but completely contrasting visuals in different ways.

People have played the demo version for hours and hours, and now they cannot wait for the release of the full version to enjoy all the options provided. It is unsure whether the full version will be released this year or the next.  

The game goes in a story format where the player starts playing as a young lord who has just got the title of a noble house as a king who has just usurped. This condition puts the player in a hard choice between his loyalty to the crown and the young prince who took the life of the rival noble king, and not to forget a new leader with a razor-sharp mind and powerful strategies to bend over domination and rule. He or she needs to make dialogue choices, explore and even cast votes by the entire party because the player can’t make a choice alone or just by himself or herself, but there is a way to incline others to your decision by swaying fellow party members in your favor. 

The User’s Experience with the Triangle Strategy Demo

A player says that he played through the demo twice. He shares there is a pretty huge plot point in the game where either you hand the murderer, Prince Roland, over to the usurping king, Archduke Gustadolph, and choose peace, or fight against the king to protect Roland at the cost of your close friends and the town’s people whom you are supposed to protect. Some of the party players might agree to your decisions and some might not, and some might leave it undecided. But you have an option to explore the town and communicate with people to make a decision.

However, the storyline, characters, super amazing visuals, and a balance of combat vs. progression are more than enough to keep you hooked to the game. There can be some changes in the final release to be sure you need to wait for it till 2022.


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