Trident Holdings is failing to buy Brundage!

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Trident Holdings was very keen to get the Brundage Mountain Resort and eventually develop the resort into one of the largest ski resorts in North America. This was planned as a part of the trading routine for state land around McCall, according to a proposal which was made to the investors.

Offers were made to both, the former Brundage owner Judd DeBoer and also to DeBoer’s descendants after his death last year by Trident founder Alec Williams of Boise. In addition to that, Williams also made some pivotal efforts in buying the land surrounding Brundage which amounted to a handsome amount of 377 acres and was approved for homes but was unsuccessful.

As part of this large program, he also tried to place offers to buy Mile High Power Sports south of McCall and Mile High Marina on Payette Lake but a formal or legal deal was never made regarding this matter.

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An investment plan which is considered to be highly confidential has everything regarding this planned purchase of Brundage and also related to his other businesses and land matters. This plan was submitted to potential investors last year and a copy of the same was obtained by The Star News.

According to the planned acquisitions, Trident would be traded for 20,250 acres of state around McCall and Payette Lake for timberlands in northern Idaho. This was showcased as a pending proposal before the Idaho Department of Lands. Moreover, there came a few rumors last year regarding a guide that would soon be released to manage over 5,478 acres of the state endowment land around McCall as the State Land Board would be in favor of the same and adopt it eventually.


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