Triumph: The story of Jackie Stallone

Triumph: The story of Jackie Stallone
Triumph: The story of Jackie Stallone

History has already given us the names of some strong women whose struggle for life has been a source of hope and inspiration for many. But what about those women who struggle throughout their life span to create history, bring positive changes in the lives of many through their contributions to society.

These Women are the unsung ‘heroes’. In a way, they devote their entire being towards the betterment of the human race. 

One such person was Jackie Stallone. 

Born as Jacqueline Frances Labofish on 29th November 1921, Jackie Stallone, one of the most memorable contestants of Celebrity Big Brother and the mother of Hollywood Star, Sylvester passed away in her sleep as she wished for at the age of 98. 

She was larger than life character, known for her prowess in astrology and wrestling promoter, she ran away from her house in Washington DC to join a circus when she was just an adolescent. 

Triumph: The story of Jackie Stallone
Triumph: The story of Jackie Stallone

She claimed in one of her interviews in 2005, that she wished to be a performer, but she was forced to go to school. 

Stallone lost her daughter Toni D’Alto of lung cancer in 2012 when she was in her 90’s. Stallone married Stephen Devine in 1998, this was her third marriage. She was a bucket of optimism and goodness.

An advocate of women’s fitness, she was the first one to open an all-ladies gym called ‘Barbella’s’ in the 1950s. in the 1980s her appearance in a wrestling program helped women’s wrestling become mainstream on television. Recently there has been a Netflix series based on this.

Not only this, in 1989 she wrote a book called ‘Star Power: An Astrological Guide to super success.’ The news of her passing away was confirmed by her musician son Frank on his Instagram handle. Thus, a lady with such enigma and glow will always have a special place in the hearts of many.

May her soul rest in eternal peace. 


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