Trump, Biden Campaign Advocates Ready To Pounce For Election Legal Field


Advocates at Jones Day, a company that has gained millions of dollars as outside counsel to President Trump’s re-election campaign. They have given nearly $90,000 to his Democratic opposition. Biden’s campaign since last year compared to $50 to Trump’s campaign according to data of the Federal Election Commission. 

A result calculation of Federal Election Commission targets described a huge gulf between personal lawyer donations to the two presidential candidates with around $29 million to Biden’s campaign. It just under $1.75 million going to Trump’s campaign between Jan. 1,2019. 

Advocates at numerous other law firms describing Trump or his campaign strongly favored Biden in campaign donations. Advocates of Biden outside counsel, the firm Covington & Burling donated $240,563 to the retired vice president’s campaign in the recent election. None to Trump according to FEC data. 

The figures send back personal giving, not a law firm donation. That counted only donors who identified their job to the FEC as lawyers. Returns break down for more than 120,000 donations reported by the candidates’ principal campaign committees to the FEC on 20 September that involves donations made up to the end of August. 

The record did not involve donations to political action committees’ donations move to members’ principal campaign committees from other sources. Law firm PAC donations to federal members or donations made by lawyers’ dependents. 

Jones Day, whose advocates distributed about $89,487 to Biden’s campaign has earned more than $45 million since 2019 as outside counsel to Trump’s campaign, FEC records described. Two Jones Day attorneys speaking on condition of anonymity stated they gave to Biden because they bring his policies. They felt no from fellow workers at the firm to donate to Trump.

Jones Day spokesperson Dave Petrou. Covington & Burling spokesperson David Schaefer did not straight away respond to the appeal for comment. 


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