Trump Discuss Comment Pushes Black Americans, Alternative To Ballot


At the time President Donald Trump denied to completely censure white nationalists in this week’s presidential discussion and urged his advocate to monitor polling sites. Portia Robeson made one think of initial eras. 

Roberson, a Black woman who lives in Detroit found the comments chilling but moreover felt a renewed settle to vote. She is 51 years old. 

Many Black Americans and other people of color. Trump’s comments in his discussion with democratic challenger Joe Biden were a tough prompt that the nation has yet to fully wrestle with systemic racial discrimination laid bare this year on saving from police killings of Black people.  And the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting economic fallout.

We wish that we take some of that exasperation anger and sadness that we have all been clue for the good 2020. 

Trump tried to walk back his debate comments but a little while when he said to me one far-right group to stand back. They have even been adhesive in the minds of people and activists say. A day after the discussion. The president said he did not know the group but that it should let law imposition do their task.

At the time of discussion, he even impels his followers to go into the polls and watch carefully because that is what has to happen. 

Eric SHeffield- a black real estate businessman in Atlanta whose parents greet from the Deep South told Trump’s comments reminded him of the Jim Crow time. 

I hear the ghost of voter impressionists past stated that Sheffield aged 52, it is the same cup of tea. It is not Black Americans who took charge and umbrage at the discussion of the president. Americans from another background, a biracial Filipino American lady who is a master’s pupil at the Denver Unversity. 


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