Trump Focuses On Energy At The Time For Toppling Statues


At the end of May, as protests over the police killing of George Floyd emit lava across the U.S. Folks in Birmingham, Ala toppled a bronze statue of Charles Linn and a captain in the Federal Navy. a remarkable banker in the town. Read the full article for more information.

It was the first domino to fall: in the city after the war. In the weeks. It followed protesters in dozen of towns set their sights on statues of federal. Also, other historical figures leaving many empty pedestals in their wake. 

This did not escape the observation of President Trump. On June 26, he indication an executive order to keep safe America’s statues and memorials. The paper frames largely spread unrest as a blockade harmonizes by a network of militant left-wing extremists. 

To make its case, the White House focused specimen of overcorrection. Namely a statute of President Ulysses S. Grant that defeated the Confederacy. Who crashed the real Ku Klux Klan was the last president to own a slave. 

With his poll amounts waning Trump sensed a chance. Rushed to the protection of America’s silent minority its statues. Up. the Radical Left fools in Portland do not want any help from original Law Enforcement that we will serve instantly. Bellot! He stated.

People around 200 marched via Portland on Sunday. Tearing down the two statues and breaking windows at the Oregon Historical Society and damaging storefronts.

Taking benefit of fools, Law & Order! Portland, call in the Feds, Trump continues to stating by another posting. 

The President also impel Americans to vote for him if they want the riots washed 

Police declared a riot, ordered the folks to break up. And answer in force to the protesters, as per the Oregonian. 


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