Trump Followers Protest Media Projections Of Victory Of Biden


The meetings were transmitted on a day when President Trump on a swing via New England, called Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s stage a missile pointed at the heart of the middle class, at times Mr. Biden in short remarks to an effective found raising musical performance forced people to vote. 

Nine days before election day, President Trump and Biden Jr. supply sharply differing views for the Country. The Country including the pandemic of coronavirus, the economy, and foreign policy in broad-ranging interviews on 60 minutes. 

In both things as well as manner, the two presidential members cut strikingly different steps throughout one of their last big chance to reach a national television audience via the campaign. 

Mr. Trump was pugnacious and testy throughout his meeting with the 60 minutes reporter Lesley Stahl. Insisting as he has done repeatedly in recent days in spite of surging coronavirus cases. That the country was roaming over the pandemic in the country.

We have done a very good job according to him at one point and falsely contending that the increase in cases was and the reason is doing so much difficult. 

Talking about a time when family, business, and government funds have been damaged by the pandemic. The president also coloring a rosy image of the nation’s economy that was even screaming back. To make clear his largest domestic preference, Mr. Trump answered that it was a to get back to normal. It has the economy fury and be greater with jobs. 

Look at the bias, loathing, and rudeness on behalf of 60 minutes and CBS as tweeted by link. Mr. Biden for his part was more guarded in his interview with the media. Mr. Biden was direct in his evaluation of Mr. Trump asked what the largest domestic issue going on in the country was he answered COVID. 


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