Trump Says Miles Taylor ‘Should Be Persecuted’ After Reveal As ‘Anonymous’


Precedent Trump stated for retired Department of Homeland Security chief of staff Miles Taylor to face prosecution after he opens up as Anonymous. The former senior management official who originated to media op-ed find fault with the presidency in 2018. 

Trump took aim at Taylor throughout a campaign rally in Ariz. it referred to him as a low-level staffer who is never worked in the White House. Taylor showed his individuality as Anonymous in a post last week. 

The full thing was just one more huge hoax from the Washington swamp. A special group as corrupt, Trump stated that the rally. I will tell you that this guy as in my opinion should be pursued. He should be pursued. The left-wing media and the swamp are doing all the things in their power to try to stop us. 

In this op-ed Taylor elaborated himself as a subscriber of the resistance inside the Trump management who was one of the numerous officials working digitally from within to thwart parts of his list of items. 

To his bad tendency in 2019, Taylor noted a book described a warning as Anonymous particular evident discord within the Trump management. 

Taylor left his role at the Department of Homeland Security in 2019 in the month of June. he has taken a common practice role with Google later that year. He became a donor of CNN last year. 

Trump was censorious of Taylor’s annexing. His phony notepad was just passed on artificial blogs as per Trump. He worked with artificial news. However, he is a worker at Google. It is even a great thing. What do you think?

As we talk about Taylor’s divulge, Google finalized he is even a company worker. It has been on not paid leave since August. 


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