Trump Says Pelosi Does Not Care For Workers In America, All Set To Sign Stimulus


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is taking a bet in coronavirus relief discussion playing hardball in hurry talks at the time when she believes she has more influence over President Trump than ever. 

For weeks, California Democrat has been drawing a hard line with a president largely eager to finance a pre- Election Day accomplishment as he lags in polls.

Trump would like to send out a new session of spur checks bearing his name before the presidential election on 3rd November. 

His requests have become more incessant amid signatures that the economy is getting up and down.

Moreover, a plethora of Americans filed unemployment claims before some days. The Labor Department said Thursday, the 30th long week of acute disturbance for workers. 

Trump tweeted very much the GOP’s appetite for a deal as Senate Republicans have rebelled opposite the management’s push for a new invoice. 

But the issue is a delicate subject for the speaker. Politics she has argued has nothing to do with her position and suggestions. On Tuesday evening, the typically poised Pelosi was so annoyance by CNN host Wolf Blitzer’s proposal that she was letting the perfect be the enemy of the good that she charged with him of being a defender for the GOP. He is not knowing the words he is talking about. 

The matter is also severe critical inside the House Democratic Caucus. Where some members want Pelosi to make a deal but they are afraid of calling out the strong speaker by name. 

No one wants to undercut Pelosi’s agreement hand and the bulk of the meeting remains hardly encouraging of her to proceed towards. Still wait is risky. Trump is more eager than ever because of his low acceptance ratings and position. 


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