Trump Seizes On Local Nevada Race To Increase Suspicions Of Wider Problem


President Trump called the decision of Nevada’s Clark County to not specify one of its local races because of inconsistency a great victory. Moreover, the proposed that the problem could be proof of a huge problem in the state. 

Big victory times before in the State of Nevada as described by Trump. The all democrat County Commissioner race, on the same vote as President. Just given out because of big-scale balot inconsistency. Clark County authorized do not have trust in their own election security. Big impact!

The race in question was for Clark County Commission District C, which reportedly makes up about ⅙ of all ballots in the state’s most famous county. The race was among Stavros Anthony who is a Republican councilman from Las Vegas. The Democrat Rose Miller has worked for as secretary of state. The las Vegas review-journal noticed. 

Miller lasted winning by 10 ballots out of more than 153k that were cast. However, the paper noticed that the county’s Register of Voters cabin firmed that 139 voters enough to swing the race had inconsistency.

Joe Gloria, the head of the office registrar’s that out of the roughly 975k votes across the, 936 has some kind of issue. The commission certifies the election results in the country. The exception for district C. Gloria even shared elected county commissioners that authorized identified six people who voted two times in the area of Las Vegas location. 

The communications director for the county known as the Trump has written not true as well as the discrepancies were short to the one local race. The communications director for Nevada State Democratic Party has written out that Trump on social media is working to shuffle the story and the reason is that they are can not get over the reality that Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris will be the upcoming president.


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