Trump Taxes: In 2016, Paid Approx $17 To Law And Order


So, the place at President Trump’s new $750 tax will go. where?

That is all Trump gave in taxes for 2016, as per the reports, far minimum than the typical US household paid.

The numbers examined from the nonpartisan Congressional budget office to failure how income tax dollars were exhausted in the tax year 2017 and with that numbers to make budgets.

The cluster of Trump’s $750 was about $181.87 that went to pay. For the protection Department, of which the president is a vocal supporter. 

This is the thing that is sufficient to pay for about a single day’s worth of salary for an Army Sergent with about 10 years of ranking. 

More $72.44 gone to pay retired soldiers profits and pensions. After them, the next high beneficiary of his income tax dollars was Medicaid.

That received $115.60 from Trump. It supplies health care to the poor and helps cover the amount of nursing home care for the elderly in nations those people who can not afford the care for themselves. 

Some other programs to help the poor come next with $111.28 of Trump’s cash. Those involve such events as SNAP and are known as food stamps. 

The said event gains $21.58 and the gain amount gets income tax credits to give hand to the poor. Federal unemployment profits got $9.56 of money from Trump. 

Interest on the bill of national comes next which gets $81.07 of Trump taxes. Then the bills get an update. $31.13 that went to pension profits for federal civilian workers and $28.36 that went to education and $18.50 that went to health care other Medical and more. 

The other money used by the federal government in parks, the EPA, and many other federal agencies and events. Total $77.07 of the $750 in income taxes he paid as per the reports. 


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