Trump Threatens To Release Lesley Stahl Sitdown To Show Biden Bias


Donald Trump has scared to release footage of his ‘fake & biased’ 60 minutes interview with maskless Lesley Stahl. At the place, he tempests out before the end. Read the full article for all the updates.

The president sat down with Stahl for 45 minutes but all of sudden ended the interview after being enraged by her tough interrogating, as per the reports. Donald Trump has now threatened to post the White House’s own footage of the meeting before the CBS programs of news own video of the interview with me. Many more to come. 

Along with his tweet, Trump has shared a six-second footage video. Clip of Stahl of one hour, earlier to AIRTIME.

This will be done so that everyone can get a glimpse of what a fake & biased meeting is all thing happening there. Everyone should compare this extreme electoral encroachment on with the latest interviews of Sleepy Joe Biden. 

White House Assistant Press Secretary Karoline Leavitt backed up the president, saying this is the time after she found the fault with me for not wearing safety equipment while working at my desk. 

Some instructions for three but not for me, Lesley? As per the Washington Post, Trump ended the interview early because he was not happy with Stahl’s border on. He was thinking much it would paint him in a not good light. 

The host reportedly asked tough interrogations about his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. The size of the people at his rallies. He was also heated on his points about Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Also, he shares with Dr. Anthony Fauci- the nation’s specialist in infectious diseases. 

As per the post, Stahl shared with Donald Trump throughout the interview that the Obama management did not spy on his campaign. 


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