Trump Vs Biden, Tweeter Employees Tweets Reveal Which Candidate They Back


One engineering manager in Tweeter described Trump should die in a fire in a tweet in January. After a year, he rang in the new year by saying Happy 2018! Donald Trump is dead! 

The tweets are sprinting the psychiatric hospital. Twitter’s senior administration has a huge history of anti-Trump hatred. A post review of dozens of accounts of top employees search. 

The venom, vitriol. And in some cases, vows to give hand to Joe Biden across the finish line in the upcoming month’s presidential election continue to live online. As the company earlier this week. The company before some days made a firm decision to censor The New York Post’s revelations about Hunter Biden’s emails. 

Get him out. Shared one senior site engineer on 18th August, what an f-king baboon. One manager with experience of nine years on the job believes that he was very much interested to watch Biden crush in the election. 

He hoped the president would be utterly embarrassed while also suffering greatly from #COVID19. In another post, he daydreamt about the president being put on a ventilator. 

He calls Trump an f-king idiot. The voters who elected him. Hysterically f-king stupid. 

On the other side, the employee has been a steady cheerleader of his company’s efforts to rein in the president on the platform. Curb the spread of misinformation. 

I am really proud of how fastly we have worked to make this possible for the US elections he describes. One Twitter engineering manager shared Trump should die in a fire in January.

None of such comments have ever been bannered by Twitter or been subject to any other form of official sanction. Or the social media huge dishes out discipline to others for sharing legal news stories.


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