Truth Behind Standalone Episodes In Lucifer Which You Should Definitely Know

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Seasons 1-3 of “Lucifer” were plagued by scheduling fluctuations owing to Fox, whereas the latter three seasons found a steady home on Netflix. The network shuffled the diabolical procedural from time slot to time slot, altering the duration of two seasons in the process. Fans were naturally confused as a result of all of this.

On the plus side, some of Season 2’s problems prompted increased creativity, with “Lucifer” generating four separate episodes. When Fox decided to reduce Season 2 down to 18 episodes, the episodes including “Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith” and “City of Angels?” were removed.

Thankfully, co-showrunner Joe Henderson and the rest of the production crew had devised a strategy.

The extra episodes of “Lucifer” were organically woven into Season 3 as part of this strategy. Henderson revealed the truth behind the solo episodes of “Lucifer” in a 2017 interview with TVLine, explaining why the writers were really pleased they could fit them into the third season rather than cramming them all in at the conclusion of Season 2.

Henderson told TVLine, “We had a pretty good sense that these four solo episodes would be in Season 3, so we started developing them with that in mind.” “These episodes are the start of a new tale for our characters.”

Even though the episodes could be seen in any sequence, they were still linked to the broader character arcs that the authors were attempting to develop.

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The authors were able to get a little more creative with Lucifer’s single episodes

Television is no longer nearly as episodic as it was a decade ago. There was a time when programs were designed such that you could jump in and out of them without missing major narrative points. While certain series (such as the “Law & Order” franchise) continue to function in this manner, even procedurals now have an underlying narrative for viewers to follow.

The writers did a good job blending the mythology with the crimes of the week in “Lucifer,” but it was unusual for the program to generate a genuine solo episode. That all changed when the Season 2 additional episodes were carried over to Season 3, giving the writers the opportunity to be strange in the greatest manner imaginable.

Despite the fact that the solo episodes were a result of the show’s scheduling issues, the final result was four distinct outings that fans may not have seen under more stable conditions.

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