Tucker Carlson: New Email Show Exactly What Burisma Wanted From Joe Biden


New Leaked emails asserted to show that Joe Biden visited Ukraine just over after some days a Ukrainian profession executive asked his son Hunter to organize for highly recognized and encouraging US policymakers to travel to the country.

Revealed on Tucker Carlson Tonight, the November 2015 email from Vadym Pozharski says that the visits were necessary to close down any chasing opposite the head of the firm’ Burisma where Hunter Biden sat on the board. 

During Biden’s visit the upcoming month, he successfully pushed Ukrainian officials to fire the prosecutor who was looking into Pozharskyi’s profession. Carlson also revealed another complete email to Hunter from PR company Blue Star ideas which spoke on Biden’s trip to Ukraine as Vice President that year. 

In the initial email on 2nd November 2015, from Pozharski to Hunter, the businessman stated that the motive of the email is to ‘be on the same page as to our last goals. 

Carlson added that as per the emails they had gone through, the exec wanted high ranking US officials to express their affirmative reviews of Burisma. The reporter also asserted that Pozharskyi wanted the US management to work on Burisma’s behalf in winning this good PR.

The scope of work should also involve the firm of a visit of a number of most popular and encouraging recent and former US policy developers to Ukraine in November- described in the email. 

Moreover, it was aiming to bring meetings with positivity signals and support. Also to close down any cases opposite the head of Burisma in Ukraine. 

Carlson blame that the email could not be clearer on asking Hunter for his father’s help in being the company’s out of trouble.

The email was shared with Hunter from PR firm Blue Star plans. Though not go into any further pieces of information about the trip. 


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