Turning Red Pixar – July 2021 Updates On Release Date, Cast, Storyline And More


New Pixar films are always exciting. Whatever the ultimate product, a look at the backdrop shows that the huge skilled crew of artists and storytellers never gives less than 110%. Nearest at the docket is Turning Red, a tale about a little girl with an appetite at the first hint of stress to become a big red panda. Probably you should be sold alone on this really nice hook, but here’s all you have to know about this animated film.

Turning Red – Updates On Release Date

On the 11th March 2022 Turning Red will enter theatres. And it sounds like the movie can enter theatres only when it’s released. Earlier Insider reports suggest that Pixar wants to release Turning Red for its first “regular” drama, sounding as though Disney Plus might not be part of the plans.

Recent rumours about the financial success of Black Widows on Disney Plus Premier Access may suggest that Disney is going to publish films in cinemas and its own premium on-demand service. That may change at any time, of course.

Turning Red – Updates On Cast Members

The official summary from the trailer descriptions gives us a very great reason to be enthusiastic, albeit most cast isn’t unveiled. Ming Lee, Mother of Mei is voicing Sandra Oh (Killeding Eve, Raya and Last Dragon). Rosalie Chiang’s relative newbie Mei makes three appearances on their IMDb page: Soiled and The Interns and two 2017 episodes of the program Clique Wars.

And Turning Red’s director, Domee Shi, cannot be forgotten. Shi directed Bao, Pixar’s 2018 short film about a woman who makes a baozi dinner just to watch you come to life. Shi was the first woman to direct a short Pixar, and her debut as director of Turning Red. Mei Lee, her mother, is voiced by Rosalie Chiang Ming Lee.

Turning Red – Updates On Storyline and Trailer

“Young actress Rosalie Chiang provides her voice to Mei Lee, a thirteen-year-old who, if too enthusiastic, suddenly ‘pooves’ into a huge red panda (which is practically ALWAYS). Mei Lee, who is seldom far from her daughter – a disappointing reality for the adolescent – is being voiced by Sandra Oh. You can watch the trailer for Turning Red movie down below:


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