If you are a regular twitter user then you must be aware of the fleets feature of the app, the thoughts that disappear after 24 hours of posting. It is an amazing feature and we bet you are using it on a daily basis but be careful as there are reports coming in that fleets are not disappearing after 24 hours.


Twitter had rolled out this new fleets feature a very short time ago as a very late response to the SpanChat’s and Instagram’s stories. Twitter had believed that this new feature will redefine how people use twitter and it had even done so now this news has put the service on the back foot. 

According to sources there is a bug present in twitter that is preventing the fleets from getting deleted after 24 hours. This has enabled people to download each other’s fleets without notifying the user.

The action is possible with the help of the URL that is generated for every fleet posted on twitter. If someone has the URL, then that person can download the fleet at anytime. A twitter spokesperson said that people at twitter were working to fix this bug as soon as possible. 

In the meantime it is completely up to users as to do they want to use the 24 hour disappearing fleets even though right now they are not disappearing. Well we advise that users be a bit cautious till the time the bug is fixed.


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