Casualty just pulled the unimaginable and killed off not one but two beloved characters in the series finale. When her car crashed on her wedding day, poor Fenisha lost her life. Her coworker Lev was also killed when he tried to aid her and was struck by another train.

This sudden death of popular paramedics has left the hospital team in ruins, but it has also set up some key plotlines in the next series, and here’s the reason.

After tonight’s episode, Casualty will begin its fresh new season next week (August 14). But, first, we catch up with the ED clan a month after the deaths of Fenisha and Lev, who are still very much in everyone’s thoughts at this point.

While the crew tries to put the tragedy behind them in the first half of this must-see double episode, things get intriguing in the second. For a grief-stricken Ethan, who is brought into the emergency room in a dire state, Fenisha may be gone, but she’s not forgotten.

For his son’s sake, Ethan made it obvious that he didn’t want to live without Fenisha in the last scenes of tonight’s episode. Cal, who died in 2016, visits Ethan as he drifts in and out of consciousness and rem.

In the wake of Fenisha’s death, it’s evident that Ethan’s life will never be the same again, but next week’s episode will give us a peek at what’s to come.

Ethan’s destiny will be altered by a never-before-seen chain of events revealed in the episode. Ethan’s new adventure will begin with a dramatic shock at the end of next week’s special edition – and it’s going to be a rocky ride.

Iain and Faith’s prospective romance was also hinted at in tonight’s episode. After joking about it in a bar, Iain received a call that altered everything. While she was in pain, he tried to be there for her when she had gone to say her final goodbye to Lev finds him of a pivotal moment in 2016 that changed everything for him.

This special episode has Tony Marshall and Charles Dale reprising their roles as Noel and Mac from five years ago when they were still alive and present in the Emergency Department.

However, Tina’s hold over Jacob will continue into the following season. Tonight, Tina continued to verbally and physically assault Jacob by accusing him of ignoring her at Fenisha and Ethan’s wedding. This is not the first time Tina has abused Jacob in this manner.

Because of Fenisha and Lev, Jacob was forced back into Tina’s arms, and it now appears like the worst is yet to come. As part of the show’s 35th anniversary, Casualty will premiere a special hour-long episode on Saturday, August 15.


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