Two people in Virginia arrested for allegedly carrying a backpack with gun and ammo near Trump rally



  • Two people got arrested for carrying deadly weapons.
  • They were spotted walking on Ohio airport, which was just 20 miles away from President Trump’s rally.
  • After being arrested, neither Secret Service agents nor the FBI disclosed anything about those two individuals.

Inside Story

On Monday, two Virginia residents got arrested who were armed with weapons and walking on railroad tracks behind an Ohio airport before President Donal Trump was going to appear on a rally in a nearby location.

According to the authorities, they had a bag full of ammunition and a gun. Two suspects, a 33 years old Vicki Davison and 38 years old John Davison got spotted by the cops behind Toledo Executive Airport in Lake Township. The rally was going to take place about 20 miles away from the airport.

According to the news sources, one of the witnesses reported to the police officers that he saw two suspicious people in the area. He said that both individuals got out of the vehicle and were walking on the tracks.

Those two men were wearing a backpack and has shovels. According to the paper, Lake Township Police Chief Mark Hummer said that they were not resisting, but they were not cooperating with the cops.

Sources say that the cops found four tourniquets, 200 rounds of ammunition, as well as a Glock pistol with an extended magazine. Moreover, the authorities reported that they had a pitchfork and two shovels in their possession.

Chief Hummer continued that they found multiple items suspicious in the rented vehicle in which they arrived at the airport. He described those vehicles as odd items, but it was not illegal.

Investigation Report

Authorities reported that Secret Service agents and FBI were still investigating the ongoing case. However, the officials did not reveal anything further about those two guys, and also did not respond to answer questions of various news websites. The duo did not say why they were carrying weapons before the President’s appearance in the rally.


The 33 years old Vicki Davison and 38 years old John Davison were charged for inducing panic, carrying a concealed weapon, and making terrorist threats. The court also charged them for criminal trespassing after being handcuffed that involved Secret Service because the President was at a rally only 20 miles away.

The officials were not sure that either one had an attorney. Chief Hummer stated that on Sunday night in a nearby Walbridge for criminal trespass at their street department, John Davison was spotted by the cops

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