Two suspects arrested for the Philadelphia police cruiser on fire.

Two suspects arrested for the Philadelphia police cruiser on fire.
Two suspects arrested for the Philadelphia police cruiser on fire.


  • Heavy damage on the police cruiser with a burned bumper.
  • The trunk of the cruiser completely worn out and blackened.
  • Two men arrested in suspicion for the cruiser fire.
  • This incident is apparently following a trend of Philadelphia police cruisers on fire.

Inside Story:

The police cruiser that was set on fire was standing in Southwest Philadelphia on block 2100 of S. Simpson Street. And the fire was set on the back of the police vehicle.

The crew got to the vehicle at 3:30 am and then set it out the fire on the police cruiser. The fire was severe enough to damage the vehicle completely.

The police cruiser had damaged and its trunk completely gone and blackened. The bumper of the cruiser was fully damaged and burned off. More to that the trunk door was totally ravaged.


The investigation began with using the CCTV cameras at the location of the cruiser. With the help of surveillance cameras on block 2100 of S. Simpson Street, two men were found as suspects.

PPD Sgt. Eric Gripp said that the two men were found on the S. Simpson Street. Both of them were hiding on the porch. They were smelling of gasoline which was used to set the fire.

The two men are aged 31 and 59. PPD Sgt. Eric Gripp also said that the investigation found a crate with some clothes. The clothes found in the crate were matching to the people who were seen on the CCTV cameras.


This incident of the police cruiser set on fire is following a trend of the vehicles of the Philadelphia police department getting set on fire. The arsonists are to be suspected to be setting fires on police cruisers.

Four-year-old boy is shot dead and four adults are wounded when gunman barges into Ohio home and opens fire.

The charges that are put on the two men are not yet told and the investigation of the purpose of the act is under process. Soon there will be some information.


Crimes are just increasing here and there. Overnight shootings, unreasonable gunshots, setting fires, all this is just deplorable. It’s very questionable of when all this will end or at least reduce to a scale.

Listening to such news is really disappointing but that’s the reality and we have to face it. There has to be some action taken to stop such crimes. To get more news and updates of the crimes and such incidents get notified from us!


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