UK star from Big Brother has gotten an offer gig from a US reality show.


Hughie Maughan, a big brother of the UK, has just gotten the TV show of reality.

Former Dancing With the Stars: an Irish competition has proven to join the Challenge of season 37, which sees world stars compete with veterans for a hefty $million cash reward.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies and Big Brother 17 competitor Hughie Maughan will be named this particular season.

In 2016 Hughie appeared on the British reality television programme, with Jason Burrill’s bisexual traveller as the winner.

Ryan Ruckledge, a big brother fellow, had been dated, and the two parted in August of last year after four years.

The Challenge 37 was taped in Croatia and consisted of 19 episodes, and will be launched next month.

The US competitors Priscilla Anyabu, Lauren Coogan and Jeremiah White will be Too Hot with Hughie this season to Handle’s Kelz Dyke and Love Island.

Previous TOWIE Nicole Bass and Georgia Harrison and Ex on Ashley Cain and Kayleigh Morris Beach Stars were the UK’s export challenge.

Geordie Shore stars Kyle Christie and Zahida Allen was also featured in the programme. On Wednesday, August 11, the Challenges: Spies, Lie and Allies will premiere on MTV in the US. The show will be premiered on TBC in the UK. 


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