Ultraman Season 2 – An Iconic Superhero Who Rescue The Earth


Ultraman is a Japanese animated 70-year-old, first live-action series based on a fictional superhero character, created by Eiji Tsuburaya and produced by Ultra Series with Tsuburaya Productions. Its first season was launched on the populous platform Netflix on April 1, 2019, with a bundle of 13 episodes. After the immense success and great ratings of the first season, Netflix has announced that the second installment of Ultraman is on its way and will catch you soon.


Generally, season one has gained a lot of popularity, especially by those who are die-hard anime lovers. Everyone loves the designing of the Ultramen and villains. It was given 4-star ratings which simply depicts its success. 

Storyline of The Season 

Here we have a quick recap for all the anime lovers to digure out the connect between the two seasons. In the first season, Father of Ultra explains to him that not all monsters are bad and took him into space and give him inspirational speeches. His father trained him to fight against all the evils and to protect the planet. 

Ultraman Season 2 – An Iconic Superhero Who Rescue The Earth

After completing his training, he had the worst dream that some aliens were threatening him and after listening to this dream, Father of Ultra begins his final training named absorbing dad’s energy beam and after this final step, he will become a super ultra-hero and defeats any bad spirit. Now in this season, we will see some new personalities with the previous trigonal Legendary Ultraman. In this season Ultraman also trained other members of his group. Some new and powerful villains with unique supernatural powers may also be seen in the upcoming season.

Release Date 

Netflix has assured that season 2 will come with more blasts, powerful rights, and unique dressed characters. The proper date is still up in the air, but most probably the series will reach you before the end of 2020.


As we all know there is no actor used in any animated series, all the characters are just imaginable and admirable drawing that are given life by amazing voice over of our favourite stars.

SO here is a list of voice over artists for this season to entertain you: 

 D.C Douglas gives voice to Edo                                                                                         Josh Hutcherson gives voice to Shinjiro Cristina Valenzuela                                          Tara Sands gives voice to Rena                                                                              Michael Yurchak gives voice to Igaru.                                                         

And, as the new characters or villains will introduce in the upcoming season, so new voices will also come with them to make the series more fascinating and loving.

So, stay connected for more insights.


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