Unfortunate update on revival series shared by Criminal Minds star


According to reports, Paramount’s Criminal Minds revival may already be doomed to failure. Reports in February suggested that the long-running CBS criminal drama would be brought back by Paramount+ one year after the original series ended.

The original cast member Paget Brewster responded to a fan on Twitter on Friday (July 30) who asked whether there had been any news on the revival. Paget said, “No, and tragically, we believe it is dead. If something changes, I’ll let you know, but it doesn’t seem very certain. Which is a real letdown, unfortunately.”

According to TVLine, a Paramount+ spokeswoman told TVLine that the film is “still under development”.

Criminal Minds, created by Jeff Davis, played on CBS for 15 seasons, from 2005 to 2020. Behavioural Analysis Unit (BAU) members, who work for the FBI, were profiled and used behavioural analysis to apprehend criminals and solve cases.

Suspect Behavior and Criminal Minds Beyond Borders are the two spin-off shows that have come out from the series Criminal Minds. As reported by TV Line, a combination of legacy characters (mainly from the show’s final season) and new characters would be featured in the relaunch of Criminal Minds.

Unlike the original BAU approach, this time around, the BAU would follow a single case over the entire season. CBS broadcast Criminal Minds in the United States.



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