Universal Studios Orlando has now opened up for another major attraction for Halloween Weekend


It’s Halloween!

And behold it’s ShowTime for us with Beetlejuice at the Universal Studios.

Universal Studios Orlando is thinking of giving an amazing Halloweekend to its visitors.
The Haunted House of the Beetlejuice has been opened up at the Florida theme park on Saturday without any major announcements it will also be opened up for the guests on Sunday.

The Studios 30th annual Halloween horror night Adobe canceled this year due to the covid-19 outbreak but then this could not have a major impact on the spirit of things, earlier this month some haunted houses opened in the Orlando park and now Beetlejuice made a last-minute addition.

It seems they wanted to give us an original film experience which is more twisted and terrifying than ever.

The universal Halloween celebrations and on the 1st of November, there are other major Halloween attractions too for the visitors, a Scarecrow Stalk scavenger hunt, a live horror make-up show, and many more, adventures both for kids and for adults.

Fans are not getting enough time to plan a good holiday trip to the Beetlejuice and guess what the Halloween Horror nights for 2021 has already been announced!

Sources have revealed that there’s a huge visitor turnout at Universal’s Halloween party this year and they are massively maintaining the California guideline protocols and Covid Safety measures.

We wish all a very very very Happy Halloween!


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