Unsolved Mysteries – Volume Two Is On The Way!


Hello Everyone! Glad to have you back in the lands of livings! Almost everyone’s mind is shut in this hardcore pandemic scenario. But, today we’re back with a brain booster which will boost your mind and force you to solve the mysterious stories!

Yes, you are thinking right. Today we’ll dig inside an American documentary show named Unsolved Mysteries, created by duo John Cosgrove and Terry Dunn Meurer. 

This dramatic show is full of documented cold cases that hasn’t yet been fully resolved with paranormal phenomena. This show revealed about unsolved crimes, missing person, conspiracy theories and unexplained paranormal phenomena like ghosts, UFOs, and so on!

Now, its time for volume two and here is all about volume 2!

Unsolved Mysteries is back to entertain us with six fresh and blockbusting episodes which are more perplexing than before and will stream on best platform Netflix on 19th October 2020. Trailer of the second volume was out and whosoever didn’t watch it yet, click here and watch it first,


Because of this trailer we can easily get the title and review of the upcoming chilling and fabulous episodes. Thank you trailer!                                                                             

Before moving towards the title of episodes, on Thursday Netflix posted a video to check our detective skills and if you want to reply that tweet click here buddy. 

Let’s talk about the six chinchillas and tricky episodes!

Washington Insider Murder, in this episode a strange case of Jack Wheeler was studied whose body found on 30th December 2010 in Delaware who according to the Chairman of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, was killed by a blunt force trauma.

The day before he died, he was acting too confused and disoriented and wandering outside several office buildings! Now the question is how did he died and why was he acting so strangely!

Death In Oslo, it is based on very intriguing murder of an unidentified woman at Plaza Hotel in Oslo and the 37th floor was known by this murder in 1995.

The woman was firstly named as Jennifer Fergate but she didn’t have any passport or ID with this name. Norwegian paper stated that it was a suicide as she’s gun in her hand but it wasn’t at all true. So find out her identity and who was her murderer!

Stolen Kids, this story is sketched on a 2-year-old missing child named Christopher, living in New York City, and was playing in the park with his mother on 18th May 1989, and when she left him for sometime with relatives in the park, just after half-an-hour her son was missing. Where did he go!

Lady In The Lake, a mother named JoAan Matouk Romain was disappeared after attending a program in Michigan Church and 70 days after her disappearance, her body found floating in the icy Detroit River which is 30 miles away from church. So, lets find out the murdered as well as kidnapper!

Death Row Fugitive, in this a murderer, Eubanks, of a 14-year-old girl Marry Ellen Deener, was escaped from police custody in 1975 and wasn’t caught yet! Go and find him!

Last but not the least, Tsunami Spirits, as depicted in trailer a ghost was seen in Ishinomaki, in Japan, following a destroying Tsunami in 2011.

So, buddies be ready to solve the mysterious cases! Stay tuned and connected!


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