Upcoming Battlefield Game Releasing In Holiday 2021


EA has given confirmation again that its upcoming Battlefield game is coming next year. It is making fun of that more details will be shown this coming leap. 

EA has posted a few more delicacies on its upcoming game of Battlefield. Throughout the company’s November, earnings call it established that the next Battlefield game is coming to latest generation consoles in holiday 2021. And along with more details to become out in the soring. 

DICE is making our next Battlefield game with the never-before-seen measure stated by EA via the call. The technical developments of the new comforts are approving the group to deliver a real next-generation view for the agency. 

We have hands-on playtesting underway with each-other. Furthermore, EA established that the upcoming Battlefield game is set to launch in holiday 2021. The studio stated that it will share numerous about the game in the spring. 

After the time in the call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson said a little more about how the game’s management is in development. 

We have muster that entire studio around the development of Battlefield specifically. We have given them an updated year of growth. To make that they can in reality create a true upcoming generation view around that game. 

Dice is one of the most gifted studios of all. We have been able to involve leadership from our EA sports business in David Rutter. He believes in both live works as well as the rigor of evolution.

We have presented in gifted from across the platform that has in fact pillow our thoughts along with the confidence in our abilities to launch that game next year. So a lot more to come in the upcoming months in fact. The latest Battlefield game was V. that is launched for PS4, Xbox one as well as PC in 2018. 


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