Upcoming movies of Star War actress Daisy Ridley!

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There is nothing wrong to say that whatever role Daisy Ridley plays, she nails her role. She did so last in “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalkers”. And it is her natural talent that has dragged many projects for her in pipeline. 

Some completed, some under-production and some announced only. In this article, we are going to discuss where the Ridley fan can watch her next.

The Marsh King’s Daughter

Upcoming psychological movie will knit the story of Helena (played by Daisy Ridley) who is living very simple life but there is a dark secret which changed the whole meaning of her existence. When she knows that her father is “The Marsh King”, what she will do. It will be interesting to see.

The movie is under production now. It is expected to get released at the end of 2022 only.

The Ice Beneath Her

Yet again psychological thriller is based on the story of famous Swedish novel by Camilla Grebe. Spins around the detective who tries to solve case when a woman in her early 20s is found dead in the bungalow of a rich man. 

What is the mystery behind? The truth is surely going to give you chills for sure. The movie is also expected to release after this year only. 

Women in the Castle

After getting break from Star War series, Daisy is going to get featured in period drama, based on the famous novel of Jessica Shattuck. Co- featuring Kristin Scott, the WWII story revolves around three German widows whose husbands are killed by Hitler. 

The movie is surely going to make us feel the pain of widows and their disparate loss. 

Chaos Walking

Going to be dropped down into theatres on 5th March, starring Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland in lead roles. The story will be all about a mysterious girl who lads on a planet by mistake amidst all man and all women getting disappeared in mystery. 

It will be hell interesting to see how she will be going to manage in that situation. 

After getting released, you can download and watch the movie from Netflix.

Young Woman and the Sea

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Featuring Daisy in lead role, “Young Woman and the Sea” is based on 2009 novel of Glenn Stout which will tell the real story of Gertrude “Trudy” Ederle, who was the first woman to swim across English Channel. 

Directed by famous director Joachim Rønning, you can watch the movie on Disney+ Hotstar, on which it will stream pretty soon.

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