Update on Cursed Season 2 on Netflix

Source: techradar

Plenty of fans cheered on Katherine Langford’s performance in Cursed that was released on July 17, 2020, to good reviews and certainly left fans on a huge cliffhanger. Fans are now wondering what more is left to be explored for the Lady of the Lake. Everything seems quite dim and it is not clear whether will ever get to see Nimue on our TV screens or no.

Source; digitalspy

No official announcement regarding Cursed Season 2 is out yet but it’s certain that the show makers would come with a Season 2 considering the love Season 1 received in its entirety. Note that the first season was based on a book and there is just one book! Here’s what we know about the future of Cursed.

Netflix didn’t renew the series yet but it’s usual for Netflix as it takes time to do so depending on the reviews and audience’s reaction. Moreover, we do not know which cast members will return to the sequel. In fact, Katherine Landford’s character was also left on a cliffhanger but her return is kind of certain in the sequel.


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