The first season of the show ‘The Society’ was received well by the fans of Netflix series watchers. It was an original story and season 1 had ended with a crucial question unanswered. As soon as the first season had ended, the fans were eager to know when the second season will come. We have a crucial update on the same.


Season 1 had ended with all the teenagers stuck in an alternate universe where their parents were not there. They did not know that though and season 1 was all about the teenagers finding the thing out that their parents were in an alternate universe and that their universe was the real one. Their parents were actually stuck in the alternate one. Season 2 had aimed at looking and resolving the next big issue which is can the teenagers bring their parents back or in some way get to their parents.

The thing is though that the show creators have cancelled the season 2. They had to do so as COVID 19 had escalated the prices of everything and managing a big crew like that of ‘The Society’ would have been very difficult. The decision was taken by the creators with a heavy heart as they also knew that fans were waiting for season 2.

Yes we know that it is hard to take in the news but then during times like this we must understand that safety of crew and stars is way more important than making a show. We suggest you take in the news slowly; it will be better that way.


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