Updates on Hulu’s Animaniacs


Two decades have passed since we have seen of Animaniacs who gave us the real feel for Warner Brothers and Sisters.

Hulu is going to revive the series and the fans are extremely excited. Fans are restlessly waiting to get a glimpse of the first look of the show, and now the official trailer is out. The trailer contributes a homage to the Jurassic Park.

Hulu’s official release features the first look of Dot, Wakko, and Yakko. These 3 siblings pays a parody to the key moments of Jurassic Park.

The series also considers the fact that it has been a long time since we have seen these characters.The trailer also teased the marvellous return of the Brain and Pinky.

While maintaining the cultural humor for which the show is popular, the series has updated its animation quite a bit.

During 90’s, the Animaniacs was aired for 5 seasons and it very quickly became popular among the children. The show featured the Warner siblings along with Rita and Runt, Slappy Squirrel, as well as Button and Mindy.

The series widely used pop cultures and TV shows, parody films and celebrities as their usual story. Judging from the trailer, it seems that the show will stick to its theme, and won’t budge from what made it hit.

It would have been more exciting if the trailer showed the glimpse of the Brain and Pinky, but it is always good for some elements to remain unrevealed. Overall, it seems that the Animaniacs featuring on Hulu will give us some very nice nostalgias. The series will be aired on Hulu on November 20th. Until that stay tuned for more updates.


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