Updates on the star cast of Alita: Battle Angel


James Cameron is finally up with Alita: Battle Angel. It is based on the manga series by Yukito Kishir, it is no less than Avatar.

Lets jump into the information of what Alita’s cast are doing right now:

Rosa Salazar ( starring as Alita):

Salzar is known for her contribution in the Bird Box, American Horror stories and similar movies. Salzar will be seen in the Netflix’s drama named Pink Skies ahead.

Keean Johnson (starring as Hugo):

Alita’s love interest Hugo will be seen featuring in The Ultimate Playlist of Noise very soon.

Christoph Waltz (starring as Dr. Dyson Ido):

Christopher Waltz will be voicing for Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio.

Mahershala Ali (starring as Vector):

The influential entrepreneur Vector will be appearing on vocal for the Invincibles.

Ed Skrein (starring as Zapan):

The bounty-hunter cyborg Zapan will be seen featuring next in the Prisoners of the Ghostland, Naked Singularity, Blood Moon and Mona Lisa.

Lana Condor (starring as Koyomi):

Hugo’s friend Koyomi will starr next in Lara Jean and To All The Boys: Always And Forever.

Jorge Lendeborg Jr. (starring as Tanji):

Hugo’s scrap dealing friend Tanji will be next casted in the Night Teeth and the Bliss.

Jackie Earle Haley (starring as Grewishka):

Grewishka the criminal cyborg has recently starred in Death of a Telemarketer.

Edward Norton (starring as Nova):

Nova will be seen next in The French Dispatch.

Tell us about your favourite character from Alita: Battle Angel.

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