US Elections: ‘Americans Have The Defeat Tax System Across The World


With the US presidential election within a month, hear from two American voters in Switzerland on their selection of leader and the role the US should play in the world. 

James Foley is really from New Orleans. After having lived in Germany and Belgium in the 1990s, he has shifted to Switzerland in 2013. He lived in Geneva for the past seven years. Moreover, works in the automotive industry and speaks French and German. 

He is an operative member of the Republic Overseas- support for the group for the Party. Most Swiss that I remain in contact with not to care. My Swiss pals here in Geneva are only interested in the things running on. It is a real Swiss. However, it is not important whether they are speaking French or German. They are pointed at the small world of them. 

People of the US and the people of Swiss have something in common. Both of them believe their country is the most. 

My father was republican and that’s about it. My mother was politically skeptical. My dad knew people who were going in Louisiana politics as he was an attorney for decades. He knew the administrator. But that was not an effect for me in politics. 

He was in Geneva. We had a joint function with democrats overseas. It was a political and we has more than 200 folks. All night election full story with big screens on the walls. 

I was assuming Hillary to win because that is what the polls and the press said the full time. Trump was an objection candidate and I thought as Bernie Sanders. But after Saw in Ohio for Trump, I thought, the election is completed. Really it was. It was very silent. We had a big democrat at the event.


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