Use your writing skills to earn online from home


    There are a bunch of writing jobs you can do from home; you need a good mindset to do this. There is no investment needed to do these kinds of jobs, you just have to search online for these jobs, you can post online publications and post your work online for the companies to inspect.

    Working from home on your favourite couch is every person’s dream. Due to this pandemic, many people are looking for jobs online and writing is one of the easiest ones out there. Their many types of writing skills you can adapt such as technical writing, article writing, ghost writing and etc.

    Blog writing jobs is by far the easiest and most popular writing job you can do. You can start by making a blog then post your daily content on it. Blog posts usually consist of 800-1500 words that contain unique keywords to rank high in google searches.

    You need to have one writing type, you won’t be able to focus at multiple writing types at once. You’ll have to master one in order to actually make something out of it.

    Here are some writing types you can choose from and master them to earn online from home;

    Article writing

    This writing type is probably the easiest one, there are different prices people charge for article writing such as, as an article writer you can charge a dollar per word or even more it really depends on your writing skill.

    Many companies publish only publications on a daily basis to hire skilled writers. You can look in the article writers section and I’m sure you’ll find many companies that are hiring.

    The faster you write the more articles you’ll get from the company to write. You can even go to your local newspaper or magazine shop and ask them if there’s any work available for you. They usually publish newspapers on a daily basis which contains a section of articles.

    Technical writing

    If you’re an expert in technology, this job is for you. Nowadays, there’s a great number of companies looking for technical writers to make their boring guide a little interesting.

    In essence, technical writers basically write manuals and guides for the companies products but with a conversational element to it. Technical writers can usually charge 3x more of what they get.

    All the writer has to do is to make the guide a little interesting for the buyers to read.

    Course writing

    Course writing is something you do for schools and colleges. You can write courses from home for some extra cash. These projects take about 6-8 months to complete as you have to write an entire course of a few months or maybe a year. Colleges usually hire their paper writers to do this for them but who knows there might be some schools looking for a course writer to make a course for them.


    In this, you write for companies, magazines or an individual but, you don’t get the credit for it. This means that you can’t use the work for your portfolio. Although you can charge a lot for this as this field of writing probably contains the most money in it.


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