USPS ‘Whistleblower’ Popped Out WaPo And Gets Praised By Trump


To Sen Lindsey Graham, the allegations were credible, problems, and worthy of a federal examination. A Pennsylvania shared worker, in a signed affidavit loading it the impression of legitimacy. It supposed that his boss straight day as well as make it show as though the voters had been calm on November 3. 

In a statement last week, Graham a Republican from South Carolina stated that it was imperative to investigate the charge as well as he would be asking the Department of Justice to do just that. 

The claim, however, was not true. The claim whistleblower, Richard Hopkins shared with the US postal service’s office of inspector general that the claims were not real. Moreover, he signed an affidavit renounce his claims that reported by post citing spring involved in the examination. 

The House Oversight Committee posted the declaration by expressing that the official general’s cabin had imparted the panel that Hopkins was interviewed on Friday. He acknowledges making the story up though he did not describe why he signed a wrong affidavit. 

After giving his affidavit to project veritas, a right-wing activist team specializes in selectively modified sting footage. Other disinformation, a GoFundMe page created in Hopkins’ name embossed over $135k.

That page was eliminated soon after the Post’s plot went live. GoFundMe did not at times return a request for comment. In a statement to the post, GoFundMe stated that the funds were not paid out as well as Hopkins never had entrance to the funds. 

Hopkins also shared a youtube footage refusing that he renounced his claims. Kevin Bishop, a symbolic for Graham share to media that not to expect an urgent response from his boss. However, linked to the project veritas footage shared a video that Hopkins refusing to pull in his claims. 


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