‘VADA CHENNAI’ (2018): Download and Watch for free!

‘VADA CHENNAI’ (2018): Download and Watch for free!
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We have seen many movies, but there are only a few of them which make us travel along with it. I can also say that while watching a movie like this you have felt like we lived with it. One such movie is Vada Chennai, a raw cult thriller classic film. This movie is a gangster crime-drama and it was released in 2018. You might have heard the name of Vada Chennai in a lot of crime centric Tamil movies, Vada Chennai (North Chennai) is always casted as a place full of gangsters and crime but the stereotypical North Chennai is defined with its true nature in this film. This movie is giving us a very detailed insight on what happens in Vada Chennai. Every scene and dialogue are so authentically engraved that the audience of the film is enthralled by the realistic approach of the movie. When the Bollywood movie Gangs of Wasseypur was watched the audience believed that this is hands down the only real gangster movie but Vada Chennai broke all the beliefs with its arrival. Not all movies have the quality of cinema but Vada Chennai’s poster logo with narrow center and broad edges is enough to hold the power of big-screen.

The main lead character of the movie is played by Dhanush; the world is aware of his talent and skills. Although the movie is majorly revolving around Dhanush, we cannot say that the other characters failed to get noticed. Remember Mahabharata, although Arjuna is on the front line of it, but the other characters like Draupadi and his cousins played a major role to mold the story. Just like this Hindu epic, Vada Chennai has other characters which are standing out and are helping to shape out the different layers of the movie. The creators of the movie had done a recommendable job at focusing on different characters and made them feel a very important part at carrying out the screenplay of this crime-drama.

Three major parts of the film are mentioned below…

‘VADA CHENNAI’ (2018): Download and Watch for free!


The story of this film is written by Vetrimaaran and the most interesting thing about the movie is the dialogues which are again written by him on the spot. The whole lot of suspense in the movie shows how prolific are the writings of Vetrimaaran. The brilliance of this writer is seen with the non-linear narrative approach. This technique not only helped the movie with its thriller parts but also showed the reasons and explained various proceedings in the film. Due to the thickness of the plot, the characters are developed in a very detailed manner. The detailing in this movie is so good that you can actually see the area progress over the time and the dialect change over time. The film has so many characters that their sudden entrances and relations show that they need to be explained in the movie. Hopefully there will be a sequel to the movie very soon!

‘VADA CHENNAI’ (2018): Download and Watch for free!
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  • Dhanush as Anbu: Anbu is a skilled carrom board player who later on involves in crime and becomes a gangster. He is Padma’s love interest as well.
  • Aishwarya Rajesh as Padma
  • Ameer as Rajan: A well-known local smuggler in Vada Chennai or we can say North Madras, he is respected and feared by all the locals.
  • Andrea Jeremiah as Chandra: a very bold female character in the movie who was Rajan’s wife and later on married Guna.
  • Samuthirakani as Guna: He is a member of Rajan’s gang and as mentioned above, he is Chandra’s second husband.
  • Daniel Balaji as Thambi: He is playing the character of Rajan’s younger brother.
  • Kishore as Senthil: A very prime character in the film and he is a member of Rajan’s gang.

The creators of the movie were very clear about the casting of the film and turned out the decision on casting was on the spot. Whether it be Dhanush’s body language, eyes or even his facial hairs, everything is playing an emotion on its own. Dhanush’s ability lies in his forte of showing various phases in the life of his character.

Speaking of both the female characters in the movie, both the characters have contrasting personalities yet both women carry the strong mindedness of the women of the North Madras. They do not nod their head along with everything they are dealing with, they have their own voice and opinions. These two characters might not be as centric as Dhanush but they both have a very big influence on the film. Chandra is the undercover heroic figure in the movie who is avenging his first husband’s death and is undoubtedly the actual king of Vada Chennai.

Overall, every artist whether a well-known actor/actress or someone who is shown for the very first time is doing the justice with its character in the movie.


With Santosh Narayan’s powerful sound which will end up giving goosebumps and Velraj’s amazing cinematography which is a treat for the eyes, the movie is a complete package of great visuals and sounds. The technical team has done a great job by providing each and every detail to the audience. The constant shift in the movie from 1990s to 2000s back and forth and the minor detailing in the greying of hair which shows the characters in their young age and later when they have aged, reflect the subtle ways in which the detailing is done.

Unlike the unrealistic action in Tamil movies, Dhilip Subbarayan’s action choreography is very realistic and grounded which will prove that Tollywood is not just about the over exaggeration of action sequences. However, the making of Vada Chennai was a little less impactful as much suspense was hastily revealed.

The humongous plot of Vada Chennai and narration of the characters lay out the path for an epic trilogy.

The movie was about to start its making in 2009 but due to many delays the movie came out in 2018. Another interesting fact about the movie is that the run time of Vada Chennai during the making of the film was more than 5 hours which was later cut down and edited to 2 hours and 30 minutes. So, it can be concluded that the movie has a lot more to tell.

‘VADA CHENNAI’ (2018): Download and Watch for free!
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