Vampires Vs the Bronx’s BEST Vampire Easter Eggs


We opened up the crypt for this one…

Netflix recent Vampires Vs the Bronx is a horror comedy film that released on the streaming platform on October 2, 2020. The film sees a vampire coven take over the Bronx and slowly creep into taking over the entire city by purchasing various buildings.

But much to their surprise, to foil the plans of the coven into gentrifying the Bronx, a group of teenagers come together to fight the evil supernatural force.

The film stars Sarah Gadon, Chris Redd, The Kid Mero, Method Man, Shea Whigham, Vladimir Caamaño, Jaden Michael, Gregory Diaz IV, Gerald W. Jones III, Coco Jones and Zoe Saldana.

Written and directed by Osmany Rodriguez and produced by Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels, Erin David, Bert Hamelinck and Michael Sagol, the film saw a good reception from critics and audience alike. Especially if you are big into vampirism and its pop culture this film is IT for you.

Laced with Easter Eggs in every nook and cranny, here is a list of some of the best vampire pop culture reference that will suck the sadness out of you.

Murnau Properties: The vampire’s business front is Murnau Properties named after German director F.W. Murnau who was the mastermind behind the horror classic, Nosferatu, an unofficial Bram Stoker’s Dracula adaptation.

Vlad The Impaler: Keeping in the family with Stoker’s Dracula, the book was largely influenced by Romanian leader Vlad the Impaler. This is carried in the form of the logo for the Murnau Properties in Netflix’s horror-comedy.

Polidori: Acknowledging the first vampire roots in literature, the evil vampire-helping-human character called Frank Polidori is named after The Vampyre‘s John William Polidori. 

Salem’s Lot: What better way to build up a film about gentrifying vampires by showing a vampire expert reading the best vampire book by the best supernatural fiction author that talks about gentrifying vampires? Having Luis read Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot is a full-circle moment, indeed.

The Lost Boys: The Netflix film draws a lot of parallels with this 1987 vampire flick. From the same polite stranger-cum-evil leader to teen heroes to the upside-down sleeping vampire coven, Vampire Vs The Bronx has a lot of Easter Eggs as an ode to the Joel Schumacher directorial. 

Blade: Taking a page out of the Blade series, the vampire invasion fight is a lot reminiscent to that of the 1998 cult classic including a black character, as also in Blade with Eric Brooks, leading the team. 


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