Vans to launch new Simpsons collection: Get details here.


Simpsons is one of the most popular animated series ever created which has the record of launching the highest number of seasons over the years. Many companies have collaborated with this series and many want to collaborate as this series is still loved by many and they wanted to see some merchandise related to it.

Recently, as we all know the famous skate brand Vans has officially announced the full Simpsons x Vans collection. This collection pays tribute to one of the most beloved families “The Simpsons” through launching an exciting range of new apparel and some new classic shoe styles and many more. 

Vans launched its first collection with the Simpsons in 2007 for the purpose of celebration of the Simpsons movie. 

Vans to launch new Simpsons collection: Get details here.

Then it clued the launch of another series in 2020 but the date was not revealed. Now, finally, Vans is again collaborating with the Simpsons to launch its iconic collection on August 7.

Once again, everyone will be able to see America’s best family again, as it was announced on Twitter that America’s favorite Family comes to life in the new The Simpsons x Vans collection, arriving soon. 

The new collection will include various classic Vans items including long-sleeves, t-shirts, backpacks, and sk8-his. The new line also features some pink doughnut inspired slides. 

Other than the Simpson family some others are also shown in the collection. Otto, Krusty, Moe, Lenny, and Carl are other beloved ones that we get to see in the collection. The range also includes some slide-on pro and slide-in sandal that has various designs. 

The collection will include many other great things that will be loved by the fans of the Simpsons. Although, the prices of the products have not been known. You can simply check them on the website on Aug 7. 

Please do leave a comment that which item you will purchase? Till then, stay safe and stay home. Adios!

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